Heinz is a century-old brand that has always emphasized that its products are made with natural ingredients. The Heinz Reviews campaign was developed in partnership with UNHCR (the UN refugee agency) to draw attention to an urgent issue: the naturalization of refugees and stateless individuals. Only with naturalization completed these individuals can enjoy the same rights as all citizens.
Brazil is one of the most receptive countries to receive refugees. In 2023, it became home to 710,000 refugees. Over the ten years between 2012 and 2022, Brazil saw a 3,415% increase in the number of recognized refugees.
Many of these refugees struggle to find employment because they lack complete documentation, and business owners are unaware that they can hire refugees even if the naturalization process is incomplete. In this scenario, 55% of refugees in Brazil are unemployed (compared to the overall rate of 7.9% in Brazil).
Among the employed refugees, a significant portion work in burger restaurants. In Brazil, there are several highly active communities dedicated to reviewing burger joints on digital platforms.
As a partner of the country's best burger joints and a brand that prioritizes not only natural ingredients but also the quality of life of those who work there, Heinz encourages people to write reviews of the burger joints they've visited and the professionals who served them.
The comments are formatted as letters of recommendation and can help halve the duration of the naturalization process.
Awards//  Silver in Cannes (Brand Experience) • Silver in Cannes (Direct) • Bronze in Cannes (Sustainable) 
(CCO) Sérgio Gordilho, (Co-CCO) Nicholas Bergantin, (ECD) Gustavo Victorino, (ECD) Juliana Leite, (CD/AD) Pedro Galdi, (CD/CW) Pedro Rosas, (AD) Renan Molin
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