Guaraná Antarctica, known as "original from Brazil," embodies Brazilian culture in every sip. For Brazilians living abroad, it's a taste of home they crave. So, when they stumble upon it in Brazilian community stores overseas, they rejoice. This shared love for Guaraná is one of the things that brings Brazilians together outside of Brazil.
Living abroad, Brazilians often seek connections through social media and community networks. They form tight-knit groups to stay connected to their roots and integrate into their new surroundings. Guaraná Antarctica is a staple in these gatherings, symbolizing the essence of Brazilian culture.
When Brazilian TV broadcasters announced they would send 83% fewer reporters to cover the Women's World Cup compared to the Men's World Cup, it was a wake-up call. Guaraná Antarctica saw an opportunity to act. Leveraging the Brazilian community in Australia, comprising 40,000 individuals, we enlisted them as International Correspondents. These Brazilians, accustomed to sharing updates about life abroad on social media, readily embraced the role of "Fan Reporters." They became our eyes and ears, capturing the spirit of the Women's World Cup and sharing it with the world.
The synergy between the Brazilian community, social media, and Guaraná Antarctica was palpable. It demonstrated the power of unity and shared passion. Together, we filled the void left by traditional media, showcasing the excitement and fervor of women's football. In doing so, we not only elevated the visibility of the sport but also celebrated the cultural ties that bind us all.
Awards//  Bronze in Cannes (Social&Influencer)
(CCO) Sérgio Gordilho, (Co-CCO) Nicholas Bergantin, (ECD) Gustavo Victorino, (ECD) Erik Mendonça, (CD/AD) Pedro Galdi, (CD/CW) Pedro Rosas
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