Brahma is the official sponsor of the biggest Brazilian football teams. And with the ongoing discussion about whether to wear team jerseys or not happening all over Brazil, Brahma seized this moment to stand up for the passionate fans of their teams. We drew inspiration from game jerseys and created a collection of pieces for enthusiasts to wear even more team clothing and for the haters to change their minds once and for all.
It's no coincidence that Brazil is the country of football. Brazilians love their teams in a unique way. Wearing a team jersey to demonstrate this love everywhere is part of our culture. However, while many love this behavior, many also hate it. To defend this culture and prove that team jerseys are indeed a fashion icon, Brahma, the official beer sponsor of the biggest Brazilian teams, decided to change the minds of the haters with a collection of different clothing pieces inspired by team jerseys. The public could get their pieces in our virtual tailoring. You just have to select your team, choose your piece, fill your measurements and receive at home.
During the campaign days, we had the incredible number of almost 1 piece downloaded per minute.
(CCO) Sérgio Gordilho, (Co-CCO) Nicholas Bergantin, (ECD) Gustavo Victorino, (ECD) Bruno Oppido, (ECD) Juliana Leite, (CD) Rafael Santos, (CD) Henrique Martins, (ACD) Guilherme Portugal, (AD) Rafael Teixeira, (AD) Raphaela Filippetto, (CW) Lucas Menegotto, (CW) Giovanna Carvalho
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