Brahma has always closely followed the story of Brazilian football. Regardless of where the match is held, Brahma is the loyal sidekick of the passionate fan, toasting to victories on the field and comforting the crowd in the toughest defeats.
But today, a new challenge plagues sports fans. Streaming services have expanded the horizons of football enthusiasts, offering high-resolution broadcasts on various devices. But this access and convenience come with a cost: the delay.
Streaming services lag behind by about 40 seconds compared to what's happening on free-to-air or cable TV.
Hearing the cheers of celebration from your neighbor before the goal comes on your own TV screen is definitely a problem that slows down the life of any football fan worldwide.
But Brahma is going to put an end to these delays with the world's fastest creamy technology.
(CCO) Sérgio Gordilho, (Co-CCO) Nicholas Bergantin, (ECD) Gustavo Victorino, (ECD) Juliana Leite, (CD) Rafael Santos, (CD) Henrique Martins, (AD) Rafael Teixeira, (CW) Giovanna Carvalho
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