Heineken, as a beer brand that’s served in 192 countries around the world, relies on its global network of bars.
But since 2020, they’ve been in permanent crisis - from a global lockdown to growing energy prices, to inflation, to staff shortages.
And the more bars suffered, the more Heineken suffered - because the relationship with bars was fraying and bars were switching to cheaper brands
We needed to reinstill trust in Heineken and maintain bars’ business with the brand.
Each initiative relied heavily on a close partnership with bar owners to ensure successful execution.
In 2021, Heineken leveraged bar shutters as media spaces, redirecting €157k of our OOH budget to benefit 725 bars across 4 countries.
In 2022, 1000 bars in Argentina and Brazil received more than €800K from Heineken that leveraged bad reviews from anti-vaxxers, transforming them into ads that endorsed these bars as safe and welcoming places to socialize.
In 2023, Heineken focused on hiring staff with bar experience, starting with 300 bars in the Netherlands and Ireland.
In 2023, Heineken also donated €5.8 million to convert billboards into solar panels. The energy generated from these panels then powered the refrigeration systems in 3,550 bars across Brazil.
Recognizing the historical significance of certain Irish pubs, we partnered with them in 2024 to secure museum status. This reclassification allows them to benefit from government subsidies.
(ECD) Gustavo Victorino, (CD) Arturo Marenda, (ACD) André Leotta, (Copy) Rodolfo Monteiro, (AD) Elias Carmo + Publicis Italy + Publicis Argentina
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